Sticky: Types of Leg Press Machines

Seated Leg Press Machine

Used for strengthening your quadriceps and gluteus maximus

How to use

Start by sitting with your lower back firmly pressed against the backrest of the leg press. Put your feet on the foot plates and turn your toes slightly outwards. Position the seat and foot plates so that your knees are bent to just under a right angle.

Hold the handle bars by your sides and extend your legs so that they are fully stretched but not locked. Now bends your legs slowly controlling the weight as you move your knees towards your chest. When the weight stack is almost touching the resting weights push your legs back out to their extended position and so on.

Incline Leg Press Machine

Used for the same as above

How to use

Lie back on the seat so that your lower back is hard against the back rest. Put your feet about shoulder width apart up against the foot plate and turn your feet slightly outwards.

Hold the handles bars and release the stoppers so that your legs take on the load of the weights.

Bend your legs and control the weight with your knees as you move them towards your chest. Your knees should be just over 90 when the foot platform is approximately parallel to your thighs. At this point slowly extend your legs puching the foot platform back to its starting position. Remember to keep your kinees slightly bent throughout the exercise.

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